For the longest time, the state of Texas has been known as the capital of both oil and gas; however, throughout the past decade, a great deal of wind power has been added as well. Even better is that over the past few years, solar energy has also been added thanks to solar photovoltaics.

Approximately 1.8 GW of solar energy has been added thus far, which is the equivalent of more than 80%. This is something that has happened over the span of two years. The solar industry in Texas now has an employee total of over 10,000, which is more than double the amount who were employed just three years ago.

It was also recently forecasted that solar power would become the only economically viable new power source until the year 2031.

Many solar installations across the state have been utility-scale, meaning that they are large-sized arrays that are installed on arid land. The energy is then transported to various cities across the state thanks to the usage of high-voltage transmission lines. Over 20 small-sized Texas utilities have sought after distributed solar energy. This type of energy measures between one and ten megawatts thanks to arrays placed onto the distribution grid itself, either in the outskirts of the cities or outside them. These utilities are now said to total approximately 100 MW, which is the equivalent of a small-sized natural gas plant.

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