Many people naturally feel that plants always look attractive, no matter what kind they are. However, there are all sorts of benefits conferred by having house plants on top of providing a great environment in which they can relax, move, and/or work.

For starters, house plants tend to remove a great deal of stress. This is because the interior will be much quieter, interesting, and stimulating. In terms of office environments, plants can help people be more productive in their work, making fewer mistakes and take less sick leave days. When it comes to hospitals, plants benefit patients by keeping them in touch with nature when they may otherwise be confined to one room for an extended period.

Plants can also help to improve overall air quality as well. This is because they help to fight Sick Building Syndrome, or SBS, whose contributors include the following:

*Poor air quality

*Excessive background noise

*Inadequate control of humidity and light


Plants also have the following benefits:

*Carbon dioxide level reduction

*Humidity increase

*Pollutant reduction

*Airborne dust level reduction

*Decrease in air temperatures

In essence, plants can help make either your home or place of employment a much more peaceful environment.

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