The appeal of (or lack thereof) living in a cul-de-sac varies greatly depending on who you ask. Some picture a pleasant, quiet home at the end of the street. Others imagine repeatedly dented garages and shattered windows from middle-of-the-street ball games.

Which brings us to our first challenge – kids.

Due to being relatively low-traffic areas in the back of neighborhoods, kids often use them as a safer space to play and make games. Now, this could be a pro or con depending on whether you already have/like/want kids. If children running across your yard and driveway is unappealing, a cul-de-sac house may not be for you.

You’ll get very friendly with your neighbors

A cul-de-sac’s angled structure means houses are much closer together and face each other. Instead of facing just one house on the other side of the street, they point outwards to five other houses. While this larger back yards, it could spell problems if you’re not fond of your neighbors.


Whether celebrating the Fourth with your extended family or your driveway is overflowing with teen drivers, parking is at a premium. If the larger neighborhood uses it as a turnaround, your vehicle parked out front is a sitting duck.

On that same note, large emergency vehicles like fire trucks or ambulances can have difficulty accessing the narrow entrance and limited turning mobility of a cul-de-sac. More frequent visitors like the garbage truck can also have problems turning. If you live in a area that receives a lot of snowfall, the cul-de-sacs are often the last streets to be plowed since they’re lower-traffic.

But no matter where you decide to live, make sure you hire a good realtor that supports you through the whole homebuying process!

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