It’s the house of your dreams. You’re sure of it. It has the yard you wanted, the open living room-slash-kitchen you wanted. It has that extra bedroom you plan to turn into a sewing room and the garage for a workshop. You’re all ready to make an offer and –

Wait! Have you gotten the home inspected yet? It is the responsibility of the potential homebuyer to hire a home inspector – not the seller.

If a homebuyer puts in an offer with no conditions for home inspection, they’re running a big risk. Finding potential safety hazards or expensive repairs in the house after signing the paperwork and moving in can spell disaster. That’s not a situation you want to be in, so here’s what you can expect from a home inspection!

Even if you’re 100% certain that you’ve found your dream home, make sure that your offer is conditional upon inspection or have the inspection done before you make a bid. This means you can take back your offer if there’s a deal-breaker or major health hazard (like mold problems or severely damaged foundation), or adjust the asking price down based on the cost of certain things to fix.

Remember while hiring a home inspector that some states require home inspectors to be certified,  but many do not. However, there is an organization called the American Society of Home Inspectors that you can reference to make sure you’re hiring someone who is competent and qualified. You can also interview potential home inspectors before hiring one to make sure you pick someone who is qualified and on the same page as you regarding your new home!

Some underground or inaccessible components like septic tanks or wells require additional inspections since the home inspector can’t easily see and access them, but the inspector should give you a detailed report on each problem and how severe it is with estimates on how much it would cost. Make sure that you’re present during the inspection and ask for clarification if necessary!

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