Traditionally, Halloween is a holiday that sees teenagers make the unfortunate decision to vandalize the properties of various people in all sorts of neighborhoods. Thankfully, there are all sorts of ways that something like this can be prevented so that your Halloween holiday can be as enjoyable as possible.

Here are three useful ways in which you can prevent your home from being vandalized on Halloween.

Conceal Yourself

The best place to do this would be on your own porch. Be sure that you either dim or partially cover your porch lights so that you won’t be easily seen by potential vandals. You should also have a comfortable chair to sit in as well. Once you see someone approach your home with ulterior intentions, immediately confront and stop them.

Be Nice to All Visitors

One of the big reasons that homes are generally targeted on Halloween is because homeowners avoid giving candy to older children, choosing to instead save the treats for younger-aged children. However, treating all of your visitors with respect instead of refusing anything to them is a great way to keep yourself from getting vandalized.

Move Your Vehicles

If you live in an area where you can either park your vehicles either on the street or behind your home, take the time to park them behind your home. This will help to prevent your cars from being vandalized, such as having things thrown at them or someone breaking the windows.

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